One of my favorite things about blogging, is that it holds me accountable and serves as a reminder to myself of things that are important to me.  So, from this point forward when I find myself getting grumpy, ungrateful, or daydreaming about swapping out my family size SUV for that itty bitty convertible I think I need, I can go back and read this blog as a gentle reminder of what God has done in my life and how fabulously blessed that I am.

Last night, my husband was preparing his Lunch Time Manna lesson (like Sunday school) over the topic of Thanksgiving.  The verses he used were great and God inspired and left me all warm and fuzzy and thankful.  And then I looked at the Discussion Questions.  Yikes.  No. 2 said “when was the last time you thanked God for what He has done in your life?”

Well, ya know, I give thanks here and…

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