Then You Stand

Hubby and I were replacing the wallpaper in our master bathroom this past weekend.  Luke Bryan radio was blaring on Pandora and I was completely “in the zone”.  The zone is my happy place and I love  it there.  I was ripping wallpaper, thinking, listening to music, loving the new look of the bathroom.  It was awesome.  Then the song Stand by Rascal Flatts came on and I was like WOW!

“Cause when push comes to shove, you taste what you’re made of. You might bend ‘til you break cause it’s all you can take.  On your knees you look up, decide you’ve had enough. You get mad, you get strong.  Wipe your hands, shake it off.  Then you stand.”

That has been the cycle of my life.  Actually, it’s been the cycle of many of my friends lives too.  “Then you stand”, reminds me of the Proverb “for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.”  Pro 24:16.

“The fall” of mankind or “the fall of Adam” is a theme that I have repeatedly heard in church followed by the salvation message as to why we all need Jesus.  We have all “fallen” short.  And that’s good and important to know.  But, having been on this faith walk for a while now, there is something else I have learned.  That I still “fall”.  The eternal consequences of sin may have been removed from me at the cross, but man I still make mistakes, “fall” short, miss the mark, sin, etc.  So, what’s different?

Now when I fall, I get back up.  I rise again.  I stand.  Oh yes, though the righteous fall, they rise again.  They STAND.  Wipe your hands.  Shake it off.  Stand.

Enjoy the song Stand by Rascal Flatts.


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