Everlasting Doors

On September 30, 2012, I woke up and immediately made a journal entry about something that I believed God was telling me about being my doorkeeper.  I wrote a quick note in Jan 2013, called God is Our Doorkeeper.  The short version of the entry was: I woke up this morning with all of these examples of God being our doorkeeper.  We get tweaked when doors aren’t open.  But closed doors are a good thing.  God is our doorkeeper for our good.  It’s about faith and trust (when we don’t see open doors).

This week I attended Covenant Church’s Fall Revival and man oh man.  Amie Dockery’s message on Everlasting Doors blew me away spiritually speaking.  So, I listened to it again online and typed up some notes to save for future use.

Nov 13, 2013 – Everlasting Doors by Amie Dockery  (Covenant’s Fall Revival)

Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find.  Knock and the door will be opened to you. (Matt 7:7).  The enemy has us stuck on seeking…

My husband pointed out to me that:




means ASK.  We must ask!   Ok back to the message:

People, saved or unsaved, pray for open doors.  But open doors are warnings in scripture.  Gen 4:7 sin crouches at the door waiting to devour you.  Story: came home from church one night, the front door was open and trash was outside.  The only person who likes unguarded, unmanned, open doors is a thief.

Open doors are signs of emptiness, abandonment, or neglect.

Doors that open when you aren’t knocking are traps for consumers.

The doors that hold value behind them are locked up.

We want open doors but NOT before we have knocked.  What does knocking look like?  Motion, energy,  force, repetitive.

When we arrive to that door, we are not to show up as consumers or thieves but as messengers of the Most High God.  Sent to give.  Sent to deliver.  Not to receive.

The enemy delights in getting you stuck on luck.

You want the opportunities where there are prisoners to be set free.  Locked tight behind the door.  You want the opportunities where there is a message to be delivered and an answer on the other side.    The door will open for a messenger but it’s locked up tight for a thief.

Ask first.  When we begin with the right question, we end at the right door.  What’s the question?  It’s a simple question that Pastor Mike mentioned.  “Lord, what would you have me do?  What would you have me say?”  (It’s not to receive a reward… your reward is to receive an answer from God & be used by God)

What is your purpose?  To be a messenger of the Most High God.  There’s no greater calling.  There’s no greater reward. When he fills you to overflowing there is nothing that anyone else has for you that you need.  You don’t need a job.  You’ve got a job.  You’re a messenger of the Most High God. All you need is a door and an address.

Where am I supposed to knock God?  Where am I supposed to go?  God gives exact addresses.  (Story – Pastor Mike being told Carrollton was the place he was meant to be).  It doesn’t take a village.  It takes a church to raise a family.

Pastor Mike has been talking about the mountains and the gates.  The 2nd part of that message is bringing those together.

“You can have a relationship with God without going to church, but you can’t possess the gates of your enemies alone…”  If you don’t meet with other believers in the valley, you cannot possess the gates of the city.  You can have the gates without God.  A lot of people do have influence, decision- making power & authority without God.  Or you can have the mountain and not do anything about it. But if you want them to come together, you need an army of believers. (Nov 24 message part 2)

The address.  Story – taking kids to a bday party.  Knew the general area but didn’t have the exact address.  Wondering through the neighborhood unsure where to knock.

Christians are wondering around the neighborhoods of their calling without an exact address saying I know I am in the right area but I don’t know what door to knock on.

How many of us believe we are called to something.  Could be media & Hollywood, music industry, law and changing things, teaching, education… we are seeking not asking first.  There are only so many ways to a destination.  We are supposed to be asking the Lord, receiving from Him the message… when God gave me the address it became my job to get myself there.

When we ask, we receive.  That’s a promise.  Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.  When you have the answer, that is the address.  It might mean going to school and taking some classes or learning a foreign language if it means going overseas… God will give you the answer that you need.

Story – she & her mom exchanging keys at hotel.  Trying to use the keys in different doors.  God doesn’t give us the keys to the gates & doors.

The keys of the kingdom unlock the hearts, hands open doors, the word of God opens hearts.  So we have to knock.  As intrusive as that may be… revival of words. Know what you are called to do and what you are called to say.

Knocking is not silent and is not singular.  Knocking makes noise.  How many times do you knock? What’s the right number of knocks?  The answer: until the door opens. Even if they are mad at you or the person on the other side is annoyed with you  [my note – remember the persistent woman aka Shameless Audacity blog]

Story – a lady with transition & moving.  Had one open door about a job but didn’t feel right about it.  Who told you to choose the open door?  Go knock on the door God has sent you to.

Most open doors are traps. Thieves don’t knock but messengers don’t stop.

When I have ordered something and I anticipate a delivery, I am asking for something. When the door knocks I am eager and ready to jump up.  God is preparing those on the other side of the door. They know there’s a war.  They understand there is value on the other side of the door.  See, doors relay access.  What comes in and what goes out.  It relays authority.  Boundaries.  Remember Jericho was shut up tight. They were afraid of what was going to come in and go out.

Knocking – repetitive action that requires exertion, energy, contact.  You can’t just sit in a meeting and wait until ‘wa la’ something happens. I’ve got to stand on the doorstep standing face to face with my own fear.  Does the open door require faith?  You must believe in the message you’ve been given so that you hammer on the door because what’s on the other side needs to receive what we have to say.

Legend of Marathon and how the name Marathon was derived – a man saw victory over prince of Persia and ran longest distance ever tracked. Fell and collapsed after entering the gates of his city saying “we’ve won”.  Do we have the tenacity to keep running to tell other’s that we have won.  You don’t need to keep fighting.  You don’t have to keep hording up supplies.  We have won the battle against sin, inequity, shame.  Are you a fit messenger to be able to take that message as far as you need to take it?

Photo – large door with the small door in it at Oxford.  Small door called “eye of the needle”.  Ancient times around Oxford there were battles between the gown and the town and the crown (kings guard).  Town, crown or gown?  Gown – they’d let you in (messenger).  Lover of words.  No battle except to make sure the Bible is free.  Messenger would say “this is what is coming, be prepared.”  Crown – could be a battle.  Wouldn’t lift the gate.  Would only let you in through the eye of the needle.  Couldn’t come in fully armed.  Would have to remove shield.  An armored person couldn’t come in.  If there was a coming onslaught of a rescuing force, say the town put gown under seize and the crown was coming to intervene they’d say “lift up the heads of the gates”.  The hinges would lift.  It means “there’s something too big coming in here and that little door cannot contain what will be coming through this gate”.  Psa 24 David says “lift up your heads O you gates and be lifted up you everlasting doors and the king of glory shall come in”.  He’s too big for that little door.

You in this room are the ancient and everlasting door. Take the hinges off every limitation.  Unhinge limitations.  The King of Glory wants to invade the space of your life… I’ll never again have to ask “if there is a reason for me to live”?  My highest calling is to be a messenger.

He says knock and the door will be opened.  He never says we have permission to walk away when it does not open.  At the hotel, she did not knock very hard on the door because she didn’t know if it was the right door.  If you are sure of your calling… this is why the enemy wants to keep you stuck on luck.

Consumer Christianity – we walk in and want to have a very big wallet with a very small purpose.

Don’t worry about… God has created you as the most perfect messenger ever sent to hammer on that door.  The keys of the kingdom will be on your heart and mouth and when you speak you will have what they need. The enemy doesn’t want you to show up at that door already full already having received the invention for that influential gate.  Ex. having received an idea for the gate & door to media… he wants you to be so worried that you’re not sure that it will ever happen. Ex. I haven’t had a clear word where Brother Wonderful laid his hands on me and called me to this city.

Receive! He will speak a word to you.  Do you believe the word of the Lord when he says “ask”.  We want to tour the neighborhood and be sure it’s where we want to be knocking.  “Ask me for the nations, I will give them to you.”

When you show up, the other side of the door will need what you have to give.  The whole world is looking at Christians right now saying, you want an opportunity, what are you bringing with you?  We are sent to the doors to bring something not to take something.  We already possess everything we need.

What doors are we supposed to be knocking on?  Pastor Mike spoke the gateway cities (my husband and I selected Washington, DC).

Make me the message. Write it on my heart.  Give me the passion and tenacity that I wont step away and I wont walk away or second-guess myself that maybe I’m at the wrong spot.  Let someone know you are outside that door and God has already given you permission to take authority.

Prayer – thank you for the gates of influence to the doors of opportunity that have been dead bolted against intruders. By your spirit this is a room full of ambassadors for the kingdom.  All of us in this room are equal to the task. Each of us is called to a specific door.  You are speaking words of insight and revelation.  Ideas and inventions. The unlocking.  Let the words of heaven fall on us in Jesus name.  Let the enemy’s voice be mute and turned off in the spirit.  The voice of disqualification is shut outside right now.  Put away.  WE are going to hear in the midnight hour, in a dream, in a revelation, everything you have for us without hindrance.  We commit ourselves to seek first the kingdom and find the perfect path and way to what you’ve called us too.  This is the time to pursue those doors.  We need healthy bodies. We speak to every disease.  You are dismissed and out of order.  We thank you for wholeness, healing and alignment.  We must be whole and fit.  Thank you for a passion that overrides any relationships that would pull us in a backward manner.   We thank you that you are going to order every step.  You’ve already made way for us.

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