We are Missionaries in America

Sometimes my grocery list replays over and over and over in my head until I finally give in and write the list down.  That’s kind of how this conversation between me and God has been going.  So, I’m going to blog about it, and then maybe, possibly, my mind will be able to rest LOL.

A few years ago, the fact that I was a huge contributor to The Great Omission really started to bother me.  Convict me, if you will.  And so I began the journey of asking God how in the world a full time mother and employee could possibly balance family, work, and disciple others (or whatever the Great Commission is supposed to look like in the life of an average, ordinary, everyday US citizen with limited time and many things to do.)  Not to mention, I am very quick to remind God of all of the reasons that I am “disqualified” from helping to make converts and disciples.  Maybe God needs a reminder of my “sin list”.  Could it be done?  Sure.  By me?  Bahahaha.  Now that’s Sarah and Abraham funny right there.  Oh yes, I had a Jonah moment and gave God my list of reasons as to why surely He is mistaken.  Meanwhile, God STILL made it very clear that regardless of my flaws and faults, yes I am still asked to be a part of His vision.  Me?  Yep.  Me.  Flaws, failures, weaknesses, flesh issues, mistakes and all.

Last year hubby and I “joined” The Multiply Movement.  We were new to the metroplex and churchless but still knew that we MUST participate.  We watched the webcast and subscribed to the newsletter and recently I went “all out” and even liked their page on Facebook (hehe).  Let me encourage you to look into that movement.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  I am one of those people that loves to work out but only shows up if my friend is meeting me there.  Well, that’s my personality in this too.  It sounds good and I’m excited about it but until I have accountability to “do it” then I won’t do it.  This movement has really lit a fire in my Spirit to help hold me accountable to the “bigger picture” of life that I tend to lose between laundry, grocery shopping, numerous hours of homework help, and bill paying – life.

In life group a few weeks ago we were talking about mission trips and I instantly knew that God was telling me that I am already on one.  Right here. Right now.  In America.

I have no idea who wrote this but it’s so good.  “God doesn’t call the qualified.  He qualifies the called.”

All I can say is GOOD!!!!  I hope that’s true because I sure am NOT qualified.  HOWEVER, I still want to do my part.

Social media hugs!

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