Church…. Home of the Hooters Girls

Misprint? Not hardly. At least I sure hope not.

I am going to mention the terms “church” and “not church”. I understand that “church” means in the Bible the “one true church”, all of God’s children from all over the world no matter where they go to church or whether or not they go to church. BUT for this blog, when I say “church”, it means buildings that people go into weekly for church services where they listen to a pastor. “Not church” or “don’t go to church”, includes atheists, agnostics, and non-practicing Christians or people who won’t or don’t attend church services.

This Hooters Girl issue started when a friend of mine mentioned that her daughter worked at Hooters or a Hooter type restaurant (i.e. Twin Peaks, Redneck Heaven, Bone Daddy’s, etc. You know what I mean right?) She really wants her daughter to get back “into church” but she also – knowing how church people can be – doesn’t want church people to snarl, make faces or wound her daughter either. Ya know because “Christians can be mean”. She called the mean ones “school yard bullies”. She said to me “girl, if they look down at my daughter like that, I am going to go Mama Bear on them”. Oh yes, I know “Mama Bear”. I’ve met her. I’ve seen her. That would NOT be very pretty. And mother to mother, I wouldn’t blame her. Right or wrong, I would probably do the same thing given the same circumstances.

So, here’s my Anderson Cooper 360, Oprah, Joyce Meyer view of the situation and my “wise council” advice (that’s what SHE called it, not me):

Unfortunately, I have SO LEARNED that you cannot protect her from these types of people at church BUT, you can learn what the Bible says about those people who are looking down on her and be encouraged because that is NOT ok with God, and hopefully, it’s NOT ok with the church’s leadership.  Your daughters worth is SO NOT based on what other “mean” people think anyway.

First, specifically, look at  The Parable of the Lost Son   The “good” brother had some serious issues and was not by any means perfect.

Look at the Seven Things that “God hates”.  The very first thing listed is “haughy eyes” which means, according to this article: to have an arrogant demeanor; it’s an overall attitude of one’s heart that causes one to scorn or “look down on” others. The haughty person sets himself above others, and ultimately above God. Yep, God hates that. The Bible tells us so.

Learn how God handled the woman caught in adultery. This is my personal favorite. He protected her. Likewise, God has protected me in this arena and will protect your daughter as well.

Learn how God felt about the prayers of the “sinner” and “saint” that prayed in the temple together.

If someone does looks down on her, please know that the person looking down on her is not “better” than her. There is NO ONE righteous, not even one (Rom 3:10) and ONLY the Blood of Jesus can give us “right standing” with God. It’s why I LOVE the messages on The Power of the Blood of Jesus so much.

Secondly, when I finally believed in God I still refused to attend church. And I met someone who gave me the best advice that I ever got in my life. She said to just read the Bible for myself and to attend church online or watch TV sermons for awhile. Ok, this may not be the “technically correct answer” that you would hear from preachers, BUT I did follow that advice and eventually gained the courage to attend church.  As far as which Bible to read, I suggest the New Living Translation in Chronological Order and START reading on the first page of the New Testament which is the book of John. Ignore the dates on the tops of the pages and just make it a goal to read just one page per day.

As far as TV preachers, my most favorite EVER for women is Joyce Meyer. She’s a straight shooter like me and doesn’t sugar coat ANYTHING. She does not have a “church voice” AT ALL.  She is who she is. So, I respect her. If you don’t dig her, let me know or check out my favorite resource link. Covenant Church streams each service live every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night and Pastor Mike Hayes & Joel Scrivner are the best of the best if you ask me.  Please listen to the Discipleship Series starting at Sermon 1. It’s so important.

Finally, hold your head up sweetheart. Not everyone looks down on you.

Check out these powerful ministries set up by former escorts, strippers, etc.  Hookers for Jesus  and Scars and Stilettos.  There is NO ONE beyond the reach of Jesus Christ.

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