Resources for Christians struggling with Homosexuality

I stumbled across these messages by Matt Chandler of The Village Church while looking for something else and just loved them! I think they are the most thorough messages done IN LOVE to genuinely try to help, lead and guide men and women who struggle with sexual orientation issues.  Whatever and whoever someone is attracted to should not be the issue. God DOES love everyone. But there are some who do not want that attraction. For them, I am rather impressed that there is a ministry that devotes itself to helping provide support for homosexuals and their families. If you WANT to stay in a same sex relationship that’s perfectly fine.  No judgment here.  Nothing but love.  But I’ve met some who don’t want that and are looking for material and resources that will encourage them on their journey.

Homosexuality: Culture and Theology Part 1 

Homosexuality: Culture and Theology Part 2

Question and Answer Session

Living Hope Ministries in Arlington, Texas


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