Let It Go….The Finale

Topic:  Now that you have finished Let.It.Go., what is the most unexpected thing you’ve learned? What would you share with the next person who picks up Karen’s book?

I can’t believe that the Bible Study is already over.  Time is flying by.  And guess what!  I learned I can’t control time so I might as well stop complaining about it flying by LOL.  Ok ok ok, seriously though.  The study was very helpful.  I think the basics for me were that it showed me that many of us desire to manage areas of our lives with excellence, which is a good thing.  BUT, we cannot control every situation or other people so we might as well calm down a bit when others don’t follow our well managed plans.

There were too many highlights in my book to cover them all, but the reminders I made for myself and things I would share with others to encourage them to read the book would include:

What matters isn’t that I get my own way.  What matters is people.  Human beings.  Plain and simple.

Ask yourself: in light of eternity is this really important.

Slow down and savor moments with friends.

Our words should be loving, direct if they must be, truthful, and without malice. (I am oh so still in training on this one.  Working to maintain a positive tone even with those I’d prefer to food fight with.  Man, that’s a tough one.)

Who is watching – either up close or from afar – and discovering what God is like by my reactions to my current situation?

We’re looking for the next step. The better job.  The resolved crisis.  The accepted application. God is more concerned with your attitude and obedience in the role he has presently cast you…. God is evaluating your current performance.  It’s our job to obey God in our current lot in life.

Don’t compare yourself to others. (Reminds me of a tweet that said we should just be the best versions of ourselves.  Or Joyce Meyer when she says, I may not be where I want to be but thank God I’m not like I used to be.)

No you can’t change the weather but you can grab an umbrella.

With our children: When they succeed, praise.  When they fail, practice grace.  And yes, it takes practice. Don’t beat yourself up over their bad choices.  They aren’t your fault. (Ugh this one is so difficult too!)

When we even subconsciously think we can control the situation and the outcome but fall short, we may succumb to situational depression…  Yes, do what you can, prayerfully and carefully, but leave the results to God. (I don’t know about you but I sure have some situations that can make me depressed or bitter if I allow it.)

Our friends  who follow hard after God are invaluable allies.  Surround yourself with at least a few … those who love you enough to tell you when they sense you’re being selfish or unreasonable. (Thank you to my girlfriends!)

Will you loosen the grip on life and grab tightly to the edge of his garment?

And that sums it up.  All of these issues will be present in life but we do have The One we can reach out to for strength, comfort and healing.  Woo hoo!!!

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2 Responses to Let It Go….The Finale

  1. Wow Jennifer thank for the replay. I love it and I’ve printed it out for my notebook. You picked up so many wonderful thoughts that I know must be underlined in my book but these are nuggets I want to hold on to in my notebook. Thanks for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Leader)

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