Domestic Diva (Let It Go Bible Study)

So, it’s week 3 of the Let It Go online Bible Study.

One of this weeks topics is one of my favorites!  The Proverbs 31 woman.

Here is the topic.  “Not everyone feels very domestic when it comes to keeping our home in order, but our reflection verse reminds us that we don’t do everything. Instead, we take charge of managing our home. How does this verse change your perspective of joyfully taking care of the home front?”  She watches over the activities of her household ~ Proverbs 31:27 HCSB

Thankfully, being a corporate minded working mom, I learned a long time ago to delegate what CAN be delegated.  No it may not be done perfectly or “my way” but it will be done good enough or it can be repeated.  I take care of the things that I am very particular about myself such as the laundry and loading the dishwasher.  Hubby takes care of the yard and garage.  And the kids have chore lists for other things such as changing the trash, feeding the dog, vacuuming, cleaning the toilets… oh yes that one got delegated very early in the process.  And I’m a MUCH better woman for it.  And they are far better kids for it.

99% of the time, our home runs like a well oiled machine and very little micro managing is required.  Slap me silly.  But we can even have “random room checks” and they usually pass those with organized rooms and beds made too (ok except for my teenage daughter).  And, the flat sheet was not pulled up all the way so there was a large bump under the comforter.  But at least it was ON the bed and not in the floor or completely sideways.  That’s better than nothing LOL. I’ll take it.

We have 6 kids.  Granted, only 4 of the kids live with us full time, but there is simply no way that all of the needs of the home could fall in my lap and me be a sane, healthy woman who could set a POSITIVE tone in the home.  I’d look more like a psycho housekeeper gone mad and our boys would grow up thinking that it’s their wifes full time job to do everything for them.  No.  That would not be good training for adulthood at all.

Our motto is and always has been, do not do for the child what the child can do for himself (or herself).  And I’m AMAZED at how well they do using that theory.  Even the 2nd grader can make his own lunch, organize his backpack, take his shoes off at the front door, change all of the small trash cans around the house.  And he does a fine job of it.  He is becoming so responsible.  Then he gets gushed with all of the compliments and praises of what a hard-working boy he is and he loves that.

There is another verse in Proverbs 31 that I believe encourages us to delegate where we can so that we can be the domestic diva who also maintains our peace and sanity.  That is Proverbs 31:15.  The NLT states “She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work for her servant girls.”  I have jokingly reminded my husband and my girlfriends several times that I am only a few hands of hired help away from truly being THE proverbs 31 woman.  If I only had a few hands of hired help.  With that said, I completely see it fair to hire the housekeeper, yard guy, nanny, and decorator on occasion if that’s what it takes to get the job done hehe.  Oh yes.  And as soon as I have a few hands of hired help, maybe just maybe I’ll be transformed into a morning person that wakes up before dawn to prepare breakfast for the home.  Bahahaha (miss I am NOT a morning diva).  Until then, I’m just so thankful that ours are all old enough now to make their own oatmeal because they sure do WAKE UP EARLY haha!

Socia media hugs fellow domestic divas.


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2 Responses to Domestic Diva (Let It Go Bible Study)

  1. sissielynn says:

    Love it! I too have joked with the family and friends that I could never be the perfect Proverbs 31 woman because they snuck that wakes early part in there.
    Charlotte (OBS Leader)

  2. smeltontx says:

    That is so awesome! I would like my kids to be that way. But unfortunately they are teens that were never taught early. So it’s been a challenge trying to “train” them at this late stage. If I had my own child to raise from birth I would definitely start young like you did. Kudos to you!!!!!!!!!

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