God is Our Door Keeper

In the book the Circle Maker, Mark Batterson writes about being challenged to pray for specifics so that God gets the glory when the prayer is answered.  He tells of a time when he wrote down his desires on some stones spelling out seven different miracles that he began circling in prayer.   Many have since happened.  But, he went on to say that not all of the seven miracles asked for happened and one even seemed to backfire.  But the “anti-miracle” ended up being the catalyst for some bigger and better miracles that have since happened.  “Not every prayer will be answered the way we script it, but I’m convinced…the miracles that have happened would not have happened if I hadn’t drawn a circle around them in the first place.”

The backfired miracles first reminded me of that Garth Brooks song Unanswered Prayers.  Sometimes I ,too, thank God for unanswered prayers LOL.

Which reminds me of my journal entry on September 30, 2012 called “Dream – Shut Doors”.  I woke up this morning with all of these examples of God being our door keeper in my head.  Jobs that I applied for but didn’t get hired for, hurt feelings over a boyfriend relationship that didn’t work out, and laughing about it all because all of that fret, anxiety, stress and frustration was for NOTHING.  I didn’t get the job because if I had, I would not be happily self-employed as I am today.  The boyfriend gig didn’t work out because if it had, I would not be married to my amazingly wonderful husband.

I was talking on the phone today with one of my most favorite ladies.  She was in the middle of packing because God promoted them so they’re in the middle of moving.  Fast.  Like now.  I remembered how just a couple of years ago she was wanting to buy a house and how wounded she was that it wasn’t working out.  On the phone today I said, I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t get to buy a house so that you can just take off for the promotion.  She now knows why God “told her no” to the house.

Another one of my favorite friends, her son is a praise and worship leader and had tried and strived time and time again to be able to be a worship leader and the doors just kept closing.  And thank God they did.  He was recently appointed as one of four worship leaders at Bethel and 1500 tried out.  It’s not people that shut doors for us, it’s God Almighty doing us a favor.

There have been so many times when God told me no to a good thing (which upset me), only to give me His best gift later.  I call it “God’s very best.”  Now I ask God only for His very best.  I’m no longer satisifed with anything less than God’s best because I am the King’s daugther.

It’s really all about faith and trust.  If I really trusted God, why do I get so upset when things don’t go “my way”.  I need to trust God and realize that He knows what is best for me and my future.  Or His future that He allows me to be a part of.  His plans are ALWAYS so much better than mine.

Let us be thankful for the doors that are shut in our lives.  It only helps us see the ones God chooses to open so much more clearly.

Nov 16, 2013 update.  Amie Dockery spoke a message titled Everlasting Doors this week about closed doors this week and that we are to KNOCK on that closed door once we have the address to that door.  It’s amazing insight on doors and God as Our Doorkeeper so I highly recommend reading that!

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