My Book of the Month Club … (aka God Help Books)

When trying to explain my sometimes “over the top” personality to people, I narrow it down to say that I’m a blend of Oprah and Joyce Meyer.  Well, the Oprah in me always makes me feel like if I give MY red stamp of approval, then wah lah. What else do you need?

I’m an avid book reader.  I am always reading something God Help in nature.  You know, for self-improvement, but not a self-improvement book because I can’t improve myself, only God can improve me.  So, I call them God Help books.  Anyway… over the years I’ve forgotten what I loved so much about each book so I’m going to start blogging my highlights so that I can go back to them and remind myself why they meant so much to me.  So, kids friends & family.  I highly recommend that you read some of my favorite God Help books and I pray that they help you as much as they helped me!  And timing is everything too.  It’s not just having a God Help book, but having it at just “the right time”.  There is nothing like God’s Word in season.  Amen?

And do you remember how when Oprah recommended a book people would order like 100,000 of them (yes I could be exaggerating I have no clue how many really…)?  Well, I hope you guys will do that too.  Am I bored a little?  Maybe LOL.


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