Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting (aka Praying for Washington DC)

There are currently so many raw emotions running through our veins right now following the school shooting Friday.  One of many sensless mass murders in the US.  Americans are enraged and they want answers.  They want change.  They want action.  They want prevention.  All of which is fair.  Politicians are going back and forth about gun control which I’ve touched upon before and oddly enough said ver batim” Connecticut looks better than Texas for sure.”.  Then we had this mass shooting in Connecticut.  So, maybe not.  I’m pretty much just voicing my opinions on a topic that I really don’t know enough about but am very interested in.

Was it a school safety problem?  I think the school had a great safety plan in place right down to having to use a buzzer to get into the front door.  Was it gun control?  He stole the gun that was legally owned.  Was it the type gun used?  Possibly.  I think military grade guns should be used solely by trained military and police officers (was it a military grade gun?).  Was it removing prayer from school?  I sure don’t think so.  We have had murders documented since Cain and Abel at a time when we didnt have guns or public schools.

My personal perspective (which is just one of many many valid and possible viewpoints), is lack of care and treatment for the mentally ill (whether or NOT you have insurance) as the woman posted in her blog “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” ; the availabilty of military weapons for the general public; and problems with our criminal justice system in general (like overcrowding of prisons) which gives us one of the highest crime rates in the world for things like stealing, murder, illegal carrying of a weapon.  Don’t even get me started on our statistics about sexual assault, date rape and molestation.  Just look at this statistics chart comparing crimes in America to other countries. What are they doing correctly?  What is America doing incorrectly?

Though I can’t answer that personally, I firmly believe that is why we were instructed to pray for those in authority over us regardless of who that person is or what political party they belong to. Pray for their salvation, for God to use them for His purpose, that they will love the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul, for revival, etc.

And I pray that God will open our minds and hearts to reveal not only the problems, but solutions to the problems, that our country faces.  That we, as Americans, will set aside the numerous things we disagree about and will focus on what we do agree about and work on that (such as school safety and mental health care).  That revival will begin in the hearts of our leaders and that, at the time of judgment, America will be a country found righteous in God’s eyes because of our right standing with His son.

Which reminds me of when Pastor Mark Batterson, the author of the Circle Maker, spoke at Covenant Church.  See his blog about that at

My husband and I attended that service via live stream after having selected Washington DC as our city to actively pray for at the request of Pastor Mike Hayes for each member to pray for one of twelve cities. I must admit, after selecting that city, I prayed for it now and then – especially around the election period.  But then I stopped.  Not on purpose, it just didnt cross my mind.  Well, consider myself reminded.

Social media hugs everyone!

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