Hmmm… Believe God?

I’ve been up since 3:50 am.  I’ve learned to appreciate that extra time supernaturally given to me where I’m not physically tired at all.  Just excited and listening, and journaling and talking to God.  In fact, I’m in such a great mood right now that my girlfriends (except 1) probably would not even want to go to lunch with me because it would be like “what is she so happy about”.  Ha.  Ok or maybe you like that kind of personality.

But somewhere between my thanksgiving, prayer requests, straight up complaints to God about some things, then back to thanksgiving, I’ve got 2 full pages of notes and tons of energy… and NO WHERE to share them.  So I’m blogging.  I can’t possibly get into all the pages of notes because that would be about a 20,000 word blog.  But at the end of all the dialog and journaling here was the last impression I was left with.  It’s just SO SO GOOD that I’ve gotta share.

It’s actually nothing new at all.  God spoke through his word and reminded me….  the story of the 12 spies.  So, I read Numbers 13 & 14 and yes it was the correct impression.  No doubt.

Twelve of God’s appointed leaders saw the same thing.  But their perspective, their vision, their faith and trust in God were different.  Only 2 of the 12 – Joshua and Caleb – believed that, with God, it was possible.  I love these parts highlighted in Num 14:9 “Do not rebel against the Lord, and don’t be afraid…the Lord is with us!”.

Back to the 2 of the 12.  Now here I could use the help of a bible scholar since I’m only a regular person who turned Christian in the year 2000.  But it’s my understanding that all of the 12 were LEADERS.  Twelve leaders of God’s chosen people who personally saw miracles and mighty works of God.  Yet still ONLY TWO believed God.

I wonder if the statistics are still true today.  That 12 Christians can see the same thing and only 2 of them believe God down the road later.  That only 2 of 12 Christians… or even only 2 of 12 leaders (i.e. pastors, teachers, etc.) truly believe God today.  Hmmmm….

Well, my lunch break is over and I have to go back to work.

~Social media hugs everyone

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