Sweet Freedom. A Girls Day.

I woke up this morning so completely excited that there is an “event” on my calendar that does not involve me driving to a school, a grocery store, or a physician appointment with one of the 6 people in our house.  I love love love our kids and working from home but the prisoner of these walls I have become except for scheduled chauffeur duties can get a little … old.  At minimum it’s quite boring and redundant.

At first I thought to myself, wow I am sounding pretty pathetic.  Borderline desperate for social interaction (for the first time in my life because I’m used to working outside of the home).  Which reminds me of one of our kids who always wants to knock on the neighbor’s door every single day to see if the other kid can play.  And I’ve been training him on the ping pong ball aspect. You knock one day but then wait the next day to let him come knock on your door.  Don’t socially suffocate others.  That one acts so much like me.

But then I remembered the spiritual gifts assessment I took at church and it said: When communicating with her allow time for stimulating, social activities; develop a team atmosphere and a participative relationship… do not eliminate social time or do all the talking. LOL.  Yes.  God designed me this way.  Very social and with a great need for sweet freedom to just be social with others.

Gosh. I sure miss my crazy Covenant Church and gym friends.  I wish I could kidnap a few of you and bring you up here for our ladies night out.  I just know they’d have as much fun with you here as we did.

Everyone has though times in life and things that are difficult.  Peaks and valleys per se.  But what a blessing it is to have FUN and laugh and play with friends simply to be social and enjoy each other.

Cheers with your coffee this morning.  And clap or do a little dance for me because I’m escaping the compound today.


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