Children are a Blessing from the Lord…. (does that include teenagers bahahaha)

Ok.  Just kidding.  Kind of…..

So, I was SO EXCITED to start revival week this week.  It started with small group on Sunday night, and Bible Study with Priscilla Shirer live Mon, Tues & Thurs and Women’s Bible Study Wed night.  Then it happened.  An email from a teenager’s teacher.  It never fails.  It’s like there are spiritual highs but accompanied by life’s lows.  Warfare.  Or, that’s just life.  I’m not sure but dang it would be nice to have a break.

I went ahead and completed the rest of my “spiritually high week” knowing full well that my home life drama would be nicely sitting there awaiting my return.  It always is in this blended family gig.  You see, I am thoroughly convinced that every single time you are given a spiritual opportunity to grow, many things will come up that will keep you from pursuing growth in God.  So after 12 years of the enemy always appearing this same way, I’ve learned to pursue God first and to schedule the drama appointment for later.  The Bible Study completed last night and it’s all still here.  See, it waited for my return.

Here is the exciting part.  IMPERFECT PROGRESS!!!!  Like Lysa instructed us in the book Unglued.  I did NOT say things that I would regret or make outburts in that moment of frustration.  Of course, I was upset.  But I remembered that emotions are “indicators not dictators”.  When I felt the indicator of frustration and disappointment rise up in me, I PAUSED.  I text my husband asking him to call the school back and I text 2 of my favorite ever youth group ladies that have really been a blessing.  (Sidenote – my husband says we need to increase our tithe to make up for my texts and emails.  Bahahaha.  Thanks dear.)  Anyway…. and then I turned on the Passion Worship Band channel on Pandora and this is what awaited me.

“I will not fear the war, I will not fear the storm.  My help is on the way.  My help is on the way.  Oh my God.  He will not delay.  My refuge and strength always.  I will not fear.  His promise is true.  My God will come through always.  Always.”

Kristian Stanfill – Always

Enough said.  I was back on track.  Yaye.  Now, this doesnt mean I’ll handle this correctly tomorrow (read the book!).  But today I will rejoice.

I’ve also learned that I’m never ever alone in struggles so whether your struggle is health, teenagers, marital problems, teenagers LOL … whatever YOUR storm is.  “Your help is on the way” too.

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