Texas Gun Safety Laws…. or lack thereof rant

So, I’m currently working with 2 moms whose kids were killed by guns (well, actually by people who obviously didn’t know how to hold them safely).  One is a mom that I’ve known for years and years and she helped me through some of my most difficult life trials.  I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like but she’s one of those people that – every time I am with her – I just love her.  I’m forever connected. Finding out that her son had been negligently killed (criminally negligent homicide) ON MY WEDDING DAY no less, was SO heartbreaking.  And I’ve watched her closely over the past couple of years and she’s now getting to that place that many other moms have gotten to when they just want to see some changes.  To know their child’s death wasn’t for nothing. Like Mothers Against Drunk Driving did.  Who hasn’t heard of MADD?

I’m loving their passion about the topic (not the loss of their kids of course) and am earnestly praying for gun safety changes in their childrens honors. Oh and the honor of all of the other people who are negligently killed or injured by guns in our country.  Which reminds me of the young teen I met while my son was hospitalized who had been paralyzed when his 12 year old friend was showing him a gun and accidently shot him.  I have a feeling that there are oh so many people – too many – that can relate to this situation. 

Now, don’t get “gun safety changes” out of context.  I firmly believe that people kill people not guns and this one mom strongly believes that way too.  We have actually gone out shooting together before.  She’s a lean mean gun toting machine herself.  For me, gun safety changes are…. sort of like, we still drive cars though people are killed by them daily.  BUT, with vehicles we do continue to work on continually improving driving safety.  For example, lowered speed limits, laws against texting and driving, laws against drinking and driving, licensing requirements, training and hours behind the wheel requirements.  In Texas you have to have a license to FISH but no license or safety requirement to own and handle a deadly weapon.  That is INSANE to me!!!  And military grade weapons. Seriously?  Those are not for home defense.  Yes, they may be illegal but aren’t they still easy to buy? Unless you’re on the SWAT team or in the military, why would you need to own that type of a weapon? Can more be done to remove those from the streets?

We went to the gun range last weekend with my 14 year old and shot a 9 mm Glock.  My son thought the gun looked really cool and he likes those Halo video games.  But, you know what?  He hated shooting that gun.  Once he felt the power and force that weapon carried, he had respect for it and after one shot he said that he didn’t want to shoot it anymore. My husband also brought his revolver (MY revolver now lol) and my son did GREAT with that and even hit the target nicely.   What did he learn?  How to hold a weapon, respect for its power, the need for safety for the shooter such as eye and ear protection, the purpose of gun ownership (protection and sport only).  At the very least it was taught to him.  Yet, without any of that, at the age of 18 he could just go buy a weapon and start using it with or without any training.

I do wonder which state has the best laws for safe gun ownership and whether or not they’ve been successful. 

And to keep in line with my godizreal theme:  Lord I pray that you will direct our steps and give us great favor with lawmakers, voters, politicians, and put us with the right people to address this important issue.  And please give these moms an extra dose of your peace and love.  Bring them in close to you and comfort them greatly.  Amen!


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  1. Melody says:

    Love it ! Love the blog. Thank you Jennifer.

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