Will the World End in 2012? (End Times Part I)

I know, I know… even Jesus doesn’t know exactly when the end will be.  Matt 24 & Mark 13.

And I’m not an eschatology major (is that even possible) or an end times doom and gloom girl.  I’m not even in ministry.  But I’ve got to say, my antennas are in high alert.  Yes, I am naturally a bit of a conspiracy theorist anyway.  I don’t know why, I just am.  And yesterday I text my friend who has what I call “a safe house” with excitement that they actually own such a place and I forwarded her a “supply list” posted by the Israel National News of suggestions for products to keep on hand in the event of a disaster.  I asked my husband if he would think I was totally crazy if I started stocking up on things.  Ya know… just in case.  So, what did he do?  Ha… I might fill ya in on that one later but it was actually further confirmation that I’m not crazy.  Now, I was NOT a Y2K buy all of the water fanatic.  But something, for whatever reason, is making me take our present day drama seriously.

Am I just paranoid?  It may seem so.  But honestly, I always hoped and prayed that I would be in the generation that Jesus took silently like a thief in the night.  There’s something very superhero movie like about being able to be personally involved with such a GREAT event.  How cool would that be?  Well – rewind – I actually told my husband that I wanted to move to Israel if that’s the geographical place where Jesus is going to personally appear when the trumpet calls and all that. But then he showed me that is AFTER the tribulation period and so THEN I decided I wanted to be one that Jesus took like a thief in the night.  Awesome!

Could I just be a little bit of a holy roller, religious fanatic, or Jesus freak?  Hmmmm….. maybe.  But here’s the deal.  I truly believe that the whole Bible is completely true.  The whole thing.  All of it.  And in believing that, then isn’t it normal to have these kinds of thoughts?  Especially while things seriously heat up in the areas surrounding Israel?

I also like to listen to pastors who teach on these kinds of things (though the Bible and the Holy Spirit is the ultimate source for answers).  Pastor Mike Hayes at Covenant Church is one (who believes we are in the last days of the last days), Lance Wallnau (his message on the shaking of the heavens is awesome!!!), John Hagee (whose passion for Israel I LOVE), etc.  And of course, should I ever dare go off on a tangent about current events, my dear husband always reminds me that these things must come to pass.  So really, I can’t get away from the end times…. Not that I want to.

Let’s say worst case scenario – that the Bible isn’t correct (which I totally believe it is).  If that did prove to be the case, then really I still had nothing to lose in believing the whole Bible.  I mean lots of people have passions and hobbies that give them meaning and satisfaction and enjoyment on earth like animal rescuing, working with the homeless, golfing, exercise, photography, etc. My passion is the Holy Bible and God (all 3 parts of Him) displayed in the Bible.  But WHAT IF, just what if the whole Bible IS TRUE?  How would that effect you?

Social media hugs all.  Enjoy your weekend.

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