My Testimony – Part II

Wow.  Jesus is real…. Oh. Crap!!! (That would be your thought too if you really found out God was real and you were living like he wasn’t).

At that very moment I was 24 years old and going through another divorce.  Why were relationships so hard?  (Maybe because God was not at the center)  Some days I had considered myself an atheist.  Other days, I thought maybe I was agnostic.  I mean, there could be a higher power.  But, if there was, it obviously was not allowed to interfere with things here on the earth. Or, the supreme high being just didn’t give a crap about me.  The past 10 years had been very hard ones and I carried every scar and bitter hatred with me to prove it (and 3 young children).  And, of all the people I knew, I hated Christians the most.  See, at that time I did not read the Bible.  The only access to Christ I had were Christians themselves and I wanted absolutely nothing to do with those hypocritical judgmental bigots.  I could feel their self righteousness from across a room. My worldly friends were not like that.  They would do anything for me.  We were close.  We were family. (I was never in a gang but can totally see why people would turn to a gang and not a church).  At least with worldly friends you knew what you were getting.

So, Jesus healed MY son?  What was I going to do now….?  Well, I accepted Christ and allowed him into my life.  (OUCH, you will need a serious new believers or discipleship class after that because it actually gets HARDER once you let Christ come in and “prune” and “graft” you, oh and lose all of your wordly friends that you thought would die for you.  Then the first real church hurt you’ll experience that’s even worse than the worldy hurt.  Consider yourself warned!) But, it’s SO WORTH IT!

Fast forwarding to the present day 12 years later….  I have now read the story of how Jesus handled the woman at the well and the stone throwers.  I did repent.  God did wash me white as snow.  I know I am exactly who Christ died for and I know my identity in Him (another post).  Though I am no where near perfect, I do know how far God has helped me grow.  Little by little and day by day, God dealt with me and the mess He found me in when I finally gave Him my life.  He continues to transform me, renew me, refresh me, gently mold me and restore me (my personal favorite) into what I am now.  And, he still loves me too much to leave me like this!

I’m also thankful for my brothers and sisters that I have met along the way.  Find the church fit that is right for you.  Get involved and get discipled.  The “body” needs all of its parts to work properly.

I have come to appreciate fishermen.  In fact, I married one.

Follow Jesus and He will make you fishers of men. Mark 1:17.

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1 Response to My Testimony – Part II

  1. Getitgirl says:

    Praise God – and thank you for your sharing.

    I am another woman at the well.

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